How I Started with Amberg

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The first time I saw the Trampoline Thing, was at a store opening. I had my kids with me, who were 7 and 10. They both wanted to try it out.  There must have been 40 other kids who wanted to do it also as it took well over an hour to get to the front of the line. I was amazed that everyone was doing such a great job of waiting for their turn.  It was fun to watch the kids in front of us having their turn; they were all having a blast. It didn’t matter whether the kid was young or old, the laughter and screams of delight started as soon as they were strapped in and started to jump.  We went back several times over the course of the opening celebration and that line of kids was always there. My kids always had a great experience and I must admit that when I tried it out I had fun too. While I was waiting, I got to talking to the operators who went around the country to these opening; the seeds of an idea began to form.

After three years of thinking about it I decided to jump in and buy a bungee tramp.  When I went to pick it up and get trained I remember thinking “what in the world have I gotten myself into” It seemed so big and massive. How in the world could I ever run this big yellow metal monster? My first couple events were doing soccer tournaments. I discovered that it was fun watching kids learn to jump and flip. I also gained confidence in running that big yellow monster and gradually decided that I needed to have a few more pieces if I wanted to really get ahead and so Blue Dragon Amusements was born.

From that humble beginning and 10 years I added 20 pieces of equipment and took on all kinds of jobs, birthday parties, company picnics to city festivals. As I neared retirement from my 9-5 job with the Post Office, I felt that I was ready to really take off with the business now that I could give it a more full time attention.

When Dawn with Amberg Entertainments mentioned that she was interested in trying some new adventures and was looking for someone to take on her company we agreed that I could give her customers the great service that she wanted to leave them with.  We worked together most of the 2011 season making sure the transition went well and in October I took total control of the Amberg Entertainment.

So in one fell swoop I grew three times as large as I had been.   Years of working with my children gave them a great learning experience, Eryn was really watching because she really began to shine last year and take on a real interest and part of the company. This year I decided to let her be the voice of the company, I am constantly amazed at how natural she makes all the juggling seem.  But not one to just leave it at that I went out and bought a number of new and exciting products to give all our old and new customers some new fun for the upcoming season. 2012 promises to be a great year and will solidify two great companies into one. Blue Dragon Amusements is still part of my now along with Amberg Entertainment.  I think that a new name is in our future but for now we will concentrate on good service and lots of fun.