What kind of equipment and services do you offer?

We have the largest range of entertainment to choose from in the region! Just look through our online inventory and we are sure you’ll agree! Our specialty is providing you with complete “turn-key” event packages where we do everything for you while you sit back and relax! We can offer you as much or as little help with your event as you desire. It’s all about you!

Our committee is considering using your services. Are you available to meet with us?

Yes. We prefer to meet in person with all of our clients. We will meet with you, answer all of your questions and make sure you are comfortable with our range of services. As our customer or potential customer you deserve the best service and attention, and that’s exactly what you will get with Amberg Entertainment. It is part of the reason we work with the same clients year after year!

How much does an event cost?

We look at the budget and size of an event the same way that you might look at hiring a contractor to build a house. You may want a cozy little cottage or a large mansion. By establishing a budget with us up front we can custom create the perfect event within your budget…and give your guests one heck of a party! We can almost always have a quote to you within 24 hours if not on the same day.

How far in advance should we book?

This is one of the questions we get asked a lot, and there is really not a perfect answer to it. Earlier is always better then later. We recommend at least 45-60 days out, although we take many bookings the week of as well as booking many of our clients more then a year out. Obviously, the earlier you make a reservation, the better selection of equipment dates and times you will have.

This is my first time in charge of this event. Can you help me make sure it goes over big time and make sure I look good doing it?

When you work with Amberg Entertainment you take on a “silent partner” in the success of your event. The greatest produced event on Earth will be a failure if no one shows up! For this reason our team will work with you to make sure that you have a great turnout. How you ask? We will provide you with the necessary tools for victory. You will receive as many Event Promotional Posters as you need, as well as a custom made Event News Flyer that will give your guests all the details about your big day as well as showcase pictures of the actual equipment that will be at the party. These can be stuffed with payroll or passed out to every employee. They help ensure that your guests will be informed and excited about being there. We can even provide you with a 3D site survey so that you will know exactly what your event site will look like before the big day arrives.

Oh, and for those new to all of this, we also provide you with a free copy of our “Secrets to Planning the Perfect Picnic” booklet to help get you up and running. We have your back!

Do we need electricity for the games?

Our inflatable games, concession items, DJ set-ups and several other items do require a 110 Volt outlet to operate. In many cases we will be able to offer you a free site survey to get a “lay of the land” and be able to know exactly what requirements are needed to make your party perfect. If power is not readily available, we can bring generators with us. We have you covered!

Do you offer food services?

Yes! And the best at that! We offer only the finest catering available. Whether you are looking for hot dogs and hamburgers or a BBQ feast, we are sure to make your guests mouths water! Contact us for a complete catering menu.

Where can we hold our event?

There are many parks, both public and private, that will serve as excellent event space for company picnics or large gatherings. Hotels and convention centers offer a great place as well and may double as a rain safe place to hold your event, though you will spend a substantial amount more. Finally, your own facilities may be a great solution. The parking lot or outside grounds may be just what you are looking for! In any case, we would be happy to assist in finding the perfect spot for your special day.

Does Amberg Entertainment carry insurance?

Of course! We carry general liability insurance for you and your guests that meet all state and federal laws and requirements. We can provide you with a certificate upon request.

What are your business hours?

The business offices are open from 8:30-5:30 Monday-Friday.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments in cash, business checks, and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover).

How long will it take for you to set up?

The size of your event will determine the arrival time of our set up crew. In some cases with larger events we may set up the day before the event. However, in most cases we are able to set the day of (between 1 and 4 hours prior to your event). We will be set and ready at least 30 minutes before your event begins, if not more.

What do we need to provide you?

If we are providing you with a complete turn-key event just go with our slogan; “You Provide the People…We Provide the FUN!” In other words, let us sweat the small stuff while you enjoy the day with your guests and family. If not a turn key event, we may require a power source, volunteer staffing, or other items to help make your event run smoothly.

Do you supervise your games?

Yes. If we are staffing an event we have a trained staff member at every attraction to help ensure the safety of your guests.

What happens if it rains?

You get wet, and flowers grow better… But seriously, we will do everything possible to prepare for an untimely rainstorm but if it happens to rain during your event we will temporarily shut down some of the attractions until it passes. In most cases this is not a very long time and many of the games may still be used (kids love it!). Events may not be cancelled based on forecasts or weather speculation. We will always try and do our best to reschedule if possible, but cannot guarantee the same equipment. Re-scheduled events must happen within 6 months.

Do you deliver the equipment to us, or do we have to come and pick it up?

We always deliver the equipment to you, set it up and then break it down. It’s your party, why worry about anything but fun? Leave the tuff stuff up to us!

What ages do your services cover?

We cater to every age! When Amberg Entertainment produces your event, we make sure that every age bracket is covered. From tiny toddlers to…our senior guests, we make sure that there are age appropriate attractions to keep them entertained.

What is your service area? Do you travel?

Between all of our offices we routinely produce events in 15 states! Please check out each offices individual service area elsewhere on this site to check to see if it covers you. If not…we do indeed travel. We can cover our clients coast to coast. Besides…our staff loves to travel! See you soon!