Sports Cage

This attraction is sure to be a huge hit at your event. See how fast you can throw a baseball into the strike zone. Our electronic radar will display the speed of each ball that is thrown. This extremely popular attraction will make all ages want to test their sports savvy inside the Inflatable for both speed and accuracy.

Power Requirements: 2 Dedicated 110 / 20 Amp Circuits
Staff Requirements: 2
Footprint:  15d x 12w x 10h

100′ Obstacle Course

Power Requirements: 3 110-amp circuits

50′ Obstacle Challenge

This 60′ Inflatable will keep your guests racing for more. Participants will move through inflatables challenges and finish with a climb to the slide.
Size: 16 x 50 x 17
Power Requirements: 2 – 110 amp Circuits

Criss Cross Course with Human Spheres

Finally, a race track for the Human Spheres that not only protects them, but is an absolute blast for kids and adults of all ages! The Criss Cross Collision Course is 75 ft long. The game can competitively accommodate 2 spheres at a time, and is filled with loads of obstacles and varied terrains.
Size: 15 x 75 x 3

Giant Slide

This 22 foot slide will offer you hours of fun! Slide down as much as you want, or race your partner down each side!
Size: 22 x 33 x 22

Rapid Fire

Size: 10.6 x 32 x 10
Power Requirements: 1- 110 Amp Circuits

Sports Play Combo

Use your skills in this combo sports inflatable. Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Football.
Size: 28 x 18 x 16
Weight: 265
Power Requirements: 1 110-amp circuit

Vertical Reality Extreme Competition

X factor- This uniquely designed obstacle course is a one of a kind experience that is great for all ages. Race your opponent through the first ever two level intertwining obstacle course. You start at the beginning where you will ascend up the steep rock climb to the second level, criss cross with your opponent as you fight for the position, down the slide to the lower level, through a series of pylons, crawl throughs, and hurdles. Then off to the finish line! Do you have what it takes to complete the X Factor?
Size: 18 x 69 x 22
Weight: 1681
Power Requirements: 3 110-amp circuits

Obstacle Course

Our 60 foot inflatable obstacle course is a “do not miss”
crowd-pleaser at any type of event!  Two contestants experience a barrage of obstacles including: jump through walls, scaling walls, crawl tunnels, squeeze tubes, and climbing rocks before they exit down a slide.  You will get tired just thinking about it.

Power Requirements:  2 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuits
Staff Requirements: 2
Foot Print:  60W x 14D x 16

Jump Shot

Two players at a time have 30 seconds to score as many points as possible.  An all time favorite at any event.  Scores are displayed on an electronic score board.  You will not be able to keep people away from this extremely popular attraction.

Power Requirements:  2 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuits
Staff Requirements: 1
Foot Print:  11 H x 14 W x 9 D

Bouncy Boxing

Who will be the next Big-Glove boxing champ of the world? Contenders duke it out in this inflatable boxing ring just like the pros. 3 rounds in the super bouncy and cushioned ring determine the winner. Our new ring design makes our unit the safest anywhere, yet still gives the spectators the feeling of sitting ringside.

Power Requirements: 1 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements: 1

Foot Print: 18l x 18 w x 8h

Jacob’s Ladder

This one we have seen at renaissance festivals where contestants try to manage the balance and skill needed to reach the top of the ladder without falling into a pile of hay.  Today we have updated this challenging game into a modern day attraction complete with an inflatable “bed” to land on.  This will keep people coming back again and again for the pure thrill of mastering this medieval marvel.

Power Requirements:  1 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements:  1
Foot Print:  17’L x 8’W x 8’H

Gladiator Joust

Get ready to battle it out! Climb onto your pedestal with your padded joust pole and wait for the signal. Each person tries to knock the other off his / her pedestal to determine the champion. Rounds can be long and grueling or short and sweet. Once the decisive blow lands, the defeated gladiator falls onto an inflated bed of air while the winner towers in victory above his opponent.

Power Requirements:  1 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements: 1
Footprint:  25’L x 20’W x 5’H

Accelerator Slide

Just like any of our slides, this will be a popular attraction at your event.  The difference is that this mega slide has a 60 degree angle.  What this means is that you will be hearing far more screams on the way down as your guests have the time of their lives.

Bungee Run

Two participants race down the inflatable runway, stretching the Bungee Cords that are strapped to them as far as they can to see who can place their Velcro pad the farthest.  Then…Boing!  They are safely rolled, bounced, and blasted back to the start.  One of our most popular pieces.

Power Requirements:  1 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements:  1
Footprint:  35’L x 11’W x 7’H

Inflatable Twister

Just like the classic game, this inflatable twister board will have you and your friends twisted up in knots.

Power Requirements: 1 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements: 1
Foot Print: 15’Lx15’Wx4’H

Bubble Bowling

No bowling alley around? No problem; we have Bubble Bowling… Just climb inside and instantly, you are the bowling ball. Run down the alley and try to make a STRIKE! You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have a hard time making the ball go where you want it to.

Power Requirements: 2 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements: 1
Foot Print: 40’Lx17’Wx7’H

Inflatable Movie Screen

Picture this: the sun sets, darkness falls and the first flashes of the movie flicker on the towering inflatable screen. Then the thunder of our powerful theater-quality sound system kicks in and the crowd cheers – your movie event is underway.

Power Requirements: 2 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements: 1
Foot Print: 9’L x 12H

Cash Cube

This inflatable attraction has so many uses.  Fill it with money, coupons, or any other paper item you can think of and let the laughs begin.

Power Requirements:  2 – 110 / 20 Amp Circuit
Staff Requirements:  1 Person
Foot Print:  6’L x 6’W x 10’H